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Dipl.Eng. Radka Stamenova

Meridian 22 Ltd was established in 1990 by Radka Stamenova, and managed to win a reputation in the business circles not only as an organiser of International fairs at home and abroad, but also as a quality education provider. Meridian 22 Junior High Private English Language School, licenced in 1993, successfully combines the Bulgarian tradition with the growing need for professional education.

In 1998, Meridian 22 Ltd established its Private English Language High Schools, and in 2000 the company opened the Interbusiness Private Vocational High School in Economics and Management.

The students at Meridian 22 and Interbusiness have the option of finishing their education at St. Andrew’s, Cambridge – a college represented in Bulgaria exclusively by Meridian 22 Ltd.

The students at Meridian 22 and Interbusiness benefit from additional language courses in the USA, the UK, Germany, and other countries. Meridian 22 Ltd has been the representative of several leading European colleges and universities for 10 years now.

On 01.10.2003 Meridian 22 opened a franchise of the celebrated Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) in the Moscow Park Hotel.

Entrepreneurship and endurance, ambition and ability, are what make Meridian22 a well-established name in the Bulgarian field of Education.